Emissions/Registration Fees Check

Emissions/Registration Fees Check

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Emissions/Registration Fees Check is a no fee transaction.

A registered owner that is checking their own vehicle which is registered in the State of Arizona.

Click here for Tab Replacement.

Click here for Duplicate Vehicle Registration.

The vehicle’s registration can be renewed six months prior to the registration expiration date.

If an emissions test is required it can be performed no earlier than three months prior to the vehicle’s registration expiration date.

The emissions test results are automatically updated within the Motor Vehicle Division system. You may keep your Arizona Vehicle Emissions Inspection Certificate for your records.

  • For vehicles that require an emissions test, the service will provide an emissions test response and display the upcoming registration renewal fees within three months of the vehicle’s registration expiration date.
  • For vehicles that do not require an emissions test, the service will provide the upcoming registration renewal fees within six months of the vehicle’s registration expiration date.

The Arizona Department of Environmental Quality (ADEQ) is responsible for the emissions testing program and laws. Click here for more information.

The cost varies and depends on the type of test and where the vehicle is located. Click here for more information.

Click here to view different fees associated with renewing a vehicle.

There are vehicle qualifiers to determine which type of emissions test the Arizona Department of Environment Quality (ADEQ) will perform on a vehicle. Click here for more information.

Yes. If applicable your vehicle may be eligible for a Restricted Use 3-Day Permit or a 30-Day General Use Permit. Click here for more information on a Restricted Use 3-Day Permit or Click here for more information on a 30-Day General Use Permit.

You may pay with credit/debit/check cards. Check cards are linked to checking accounts and are accepted anywhere credit cards are accepted. Debit/Check card purchases are automatically deducted from the linked checking account.

ServiceArizona is available 7 days a week, 24 hours a day with the exception of the following time periods:

Transactions cannot be performed during the scheduled maintenance periods:

  • Between 11:50 PM and 12:10 AM daily; and
  • Between midnight and 2:00 AM each Sunday.

If you have additional questions, please contact the Motor Vehicle Division at one of the numbers listed below.

Phoenix: (602) 255-0072
Tucson: (520) 629-9808
Elsewhere in Arizona dial:    (800) 251-5866
Hearing/Speech Impaired-TDD systems only: Phoenix (602) 712-3222
  Elsewhere (800)324-5425

Nearest Motor Vehicle Division Office and Authorized Third Party provider
Emissions Station Locations or phone 1-877-MYAZCAR

For information regarding plate and fee to owner, click here.