Driver License Reinstatement

Driver License Reinstatement

Driver License Reinstatement

ServiceArizona is an authorized service website for the Arizona Department of Transportation. You can conduct Arizona Motor Vehicle Division (MVD) business online, any time from a computer, tablet, or mobile device.

Services include:

  • Vehicle Registration Renewal
  • Driver License/Identification Card Replacement
  • Driver License Motor Vehicle Record
  • Restricted Use 3-Day Permit
  • View Personalized/Specialty Plates
  • Voter Registration

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  • All confidential records are kept locked inside an "electronic vault" protected by IBM's most advanced security technologies and among the most comprehensive security programs and services in the industry...the IBM Secureway (tm) line of products.
  • All ServiceArizona transactions convert to a secured mode, using encryption through secured socket layer (SSL), as soon as the customer clicks on the icon from the home page. All personal information is encrypted when sent from or received by the customer's computer.
  • Professional IBM security specialists have trained IBM's employees on security procedures. These procedures are checked and double-checked by both the Arizona Motor Vehicle Division and IBM's security experts on a regular basis.
  • IBM conducts audits of every security checkpoint several times a year. This includes a rigorous inspection of IBM technology, procedures, training and personnel.

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  • Enter personal information such as name, Arizona Driver License or Identification Number, date of birth and the last four of your Social Security Number. If you do not know your driver license or identification card number, you will need your name, date of birth, social security number, street address, eye color and zip code.
  • View the fee(s) breakdown and eligibility.
  • Option to change your address.(if applicable) Click here to change your address.
  • Option to change the Driver License number when it is the social security number.(if applicable)
  • Option to display which address you want displayed on your license (residential address or mailing address if applicable)
  • View the fee total and provide credit card information.
  • View and print/email confirmation/receipt or write down your confirmation number.
  • Optional survey.

The cost varies and includes all reinstatement fees plus a reapplication fee when applicable.

  • Any driver improvement suspension - $10.00
  • Any driver improvement extension - $10.00
  • Disqualification - $10.00
  • DUI Suspensions - $10.00
  • Implied Consent suspension - $10.00
  • Implied Consent extension - $10.00
  • Admin Per Se suspension - $50.00
  • Admin Per Se extension - $50.00
  • Revocations - $20.00
  • Revocation extension - $20.00
  • Suspension due to insurance cancellation - $10.00
  • Accident Verification suspensions - $10.00
  • Court directed suspensions - $10.00
  • Judgment - $10.00
  • Traffic Complaint Suspension - $10.00
  • Non-Resident Violator Compact Suspensions - $10.00
  • Abandoned Vehicle Fee (Assessed prior to 3/1/2011) - $50.00 or $200.00
  • Abandoned Vehicle Fee (Effective 3/1/2011) - $500.00 or $600.00
  • Returned Check Fee - $25.00
  • Reapplication Fee - varies based on age from $10.00 - $25.00
  • Endorsement Fee - varies from $7.00 - $10.00

This can vary, depending on the reason for the suspension. Certain suspensions only require the payment of reinstatement fees after the suspension period is over. Court ordered suspensions may require a clearance from the court. Suspensions as a result of a Driving Under the Influence (DUI) conviction, Implied Consent violation or Mandatory Insurance violation require the filing of an SR-22 certificate SR-22 with MVD and payment of reinstatement fees after the period of suspension is over.

MVD must conduct an investigation of your driving record by reviewing department records and other sufficient evidence to determine that all withdrawal actions are complete; that you have not committed any traffic violations during the period of revocation; and that all other statutory requirements are satisfied. After the investigation, you may receive a Permission to Apply notice.

If the revocation is alcohol or drug related, you will need to provide MVD with a current evaluation from a licensed physician, psychologist or certified substance abuse counselor regarding your ability to safely operate a motor vehicle. For alcohol and drug related revocations you will be required to file an SR-22 certificate SR-22 with MVD.

If you need to begin the investigation process, you may request an investigation packet by telephone. In order to verify your eligibility, the Customer Service Representative may require your full name, date of birth and driver license number at the time of the call.

The SR22 form is a certification of future proof of financial responsibility. Failure to maintain proof of future financial responsibility for the required length of time may result in a loss of your driving privilege and/or vehicle registration. You may obtain an SR22 from any insurance company that is licensed to conduct business in the state of Arizona.

If you fail to appear in court, or fail to pay a fine for a moving traffic violation, the court may direct MVD to suspend your driving privileges. When you have satisfied the court, you may apply for reinstatement at

Enter personal information such as name, Arizona Driver License or Identification Number, and date of birth. If you do not know your driver license or identification card number, you will need your name, date of birth, social security number, street address, eye color and zip code.

  • A valid Visa, MasterCard, Discover or American Express credit card.
  • A web browser that supports Secure Socket Layer (SSL).

No. At the end of your online transaction, you will receive a confirmation/receipt.

You must process your reinstatement transaction in a Motor Vehicle Division Office or Authorized Driver License Third Party provider Office, and when applicable, you will receive a temporary credential with your photo. For a list of Motor Vehicle Division Offices and Authorized Driver License Third Party providers please click here.

  • ServiceArizona's Reinstatement process allows customers to change both their residential address and mailing address on their Driver License or Identification Card.(if applicable)
    • For CDL holders any address change to the residence address must be within Arizona
  • Motor Vehicle Division has developed a computer system that links all of your records together on each vehicle on which you are listed as the registration recipient.,/LI>
  • Registration recipient is defined as the vehicle owner or registrant who is designated on the Motor Vehicle Divison database to receive the registration for a vehicle.
  • Only provide a mailing address if you want mail sent to an address that is different from your residential address. The residential address cannot be a P.O. Box or Rural Route.
  • ServiceArizona will display your complete residential and mailing address (when available) and the date of the last address change on record.

Yes. A military address may be entered as a mailing address. However, your residential address must be your Arizona address. To enter a military address you will need to enter the APO or FPO in the City field and AE, AP or AA in the State field.

If applicable ServiceArizona's Reinstatement allows customers to select either their residential address or their mailing address to display when reissuing a Driver License.

Your Driver License will be sent to the mailing address on file with the Motor Vehicle Division.(if applicable)

You will receive your Driver License within 15 days when applicable.

You are required by ARS 28-3158 (D)(5) and 42 USC 405(c)(2)(C) to provide your Social Security number. It will be used to verify your identity and to comply with federal and state child support enforcement laws. It will not be used as your driver license number and may not be released to anyone without your consent, except when it is a matter of public health or safety, or when the individual or entity requesting such information is otherwise authorized to obtain it under federal law.

If your Social Security number has not been verified, you will be asked to provide it so it can be verified. You will not be allowed to continue unless you provide your Social Security number.

As part of the reinstatement process you will be given the option to change your Driver License number from your social security number to an Motor Vehicle Division system generated number.(if applicable)

The Federal Driver's Privacy Protection Act 18 U.S.C. 2721-2725, as well as Title 28, Chapter 2, Article 5 of the Arizona Revised Statutes, specifies that the personal information contained in your Driver License or Identification Card record may not be released to anyone without your consent, except when it is a matter of public health or safety, or when the individual or entity requesting such information is otherwise authorized to obtain it under federal law. However, during the reinstatement process, you may consent to the release of your Driver License record information to any individual or entity that makes a proper request.

Effective December 18, 2005, a driver license, commercial driver license, instruction permit, or identification card customer may authorize the Division to release their name and address information to the Arizona Donor Registry by checking a box on the application. You may also register anytime by visiting and clicking the Organ Donor link or by calling 1-800-94-DONOR for a registry form.

• If applicable select the statement “I want an organ donor designation printed on my Driver License or Identification Card”, from within the online Reinstatement Application. Standard transaction fees apply.

• If you would like to have the DONOR ♥ designation removed from your Arizona Driver License or Identification Card you must go into a Motor Vehicle Division Field Office or Driver License Authorized Third Party provider. Standard transaction fees apply. To remove your name from the DonateLife AZ Registry, contact Donor Network of Arizona at 800-943-6667.

ServiceArizona is available 7 days a week, 24 hours a day with the exception of the following time periods:

Transactions cannot be performed during the scheduled maintenance periods:

  • Between 11:50 PM and 12:10 AM daily; and
  • Between midnight and 2:00 AM each Sunday.

Please Contact MVDContact MVD by phone or email.